M18 FUEL Sectional Sewer Machine Spirals


Milwaukee drain cleaning spirals 22mm & 32mm

for use with all Milwaukee and competitive sectional sewer machines that accept 22mm and/or 32mm cables.

For use with all 22mm or 32mm attachment heads. fits Milwaukee attachment heads only.

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32mm x 4.5m Cable OW

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Product Specifications 32mm x 4.5m Cable OW 32mm x 4.5m Cable OW 32mm x 4.5m HD Cable OW 32mm x 4.5m HD Cable OW 22mm x 4.5m Cable OW 22mm x 4.5m Cable OW 22mm x 4.5m Kit 22mm x 4.5m Kit
Article Number 4932471710493247171149324717124932471713
Fits sewer machine M18 FSSM
Pack quantity 1111
Suitable M 18 sectional sewer machine M18 fuel sectional sewer machineMilwaukee sectional sewer machinesMilwaukee sectional sewer machines
Type 32 mm open wind cable32 mm heavy duty open wind cable22 mm open wind cable22 mm x 4.5m open wind cable
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