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As a carpenter, you're well used to working with your hands so keeping them safe with woodworking gloves is paramount to doing a great job and keeping future work rolling in. We stock a large range of carpenter work gloves that will help to protect you and take the strain in a wide range of settings. We offer a selection of dipped gloves suitable for carpentry with varying levels of cut resistance depending on the task at hand. Some also feature impact-resistant material on the back of the hand and fingers to reduce and absorb shocks and vibrations. All offer impressive dexterity and increased grip performance as well as all-day comfort and SMARTSWIPE™ palm and fingertips so that you can use touchscreen devices in a flash - perfect if you need to order stock or take a call in a hurry. For classic protection, our leather carpenter gloves are made from durable top-grain goatskin leather and feature a reinforced palm for added comfort and protection while handling heavy objects. We also offer hybrid leather gloves for the same timeless look, but with greater dexterity and breathability built in thanks to a synthetic alternative on the back of the hand. All-purpose options include fingerless gloves that keep you in control with a greater feel for your workspace and free-flex carpenter work gloves that feature SMARTSWIPE™ knuckle, palm and fingertips and a built-in sweat wipe. We also stock demolition gloves that come reinforced with ARMORTEX™ palms and fingertips as well as offering superior palm grip on oily and wet surfaces.