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Diamond Core DrillDiamond Core Drill
For absolute precision and complete control, a diamond core drill from MILWAUKEE® is designed to ensure a high-quality outcome with each job. Ideal for drilling applications that involve concrete, metal or other materials, a diamond core drill is a versatile option for any tradesperson. Its powerful motor, delivers a consistent level of torque and precisely measured holes each time. To maintain exceptional performance from job to job, we offer a range of MILWAUKEE® diamond drill bits in different sizes to meet any project requirement. With our premium diamond core drill bits, you can ensure perfect results in virtually every application. Discover our collection below or get in touch if you have any questions. Our M14 Diamond Max Tile Drill Bit has been designed especially for cutting holes in the toughest of materials. Effortlessly slicing through porcelain, cast iron and fibreglass, these hard-wearing drill bits ensure rapid cutting power, every time. Due to the high-grade diamond bond and the tough alloy body, our MILWAUKEE® drill bits are tough and have a superior lifespan. So, they won't let you down as you move from job to job. Electricians looking for a drill bit suitable for installing electrical sockets needn't look further than our Dry Diamond Drill for Electrical Sockets. Built using state-of-the-art laser welding techniques, these drill bits offer exceptional performance and accurate cutting. Looking to keep things tidy onsite? We stock a wide range of diamond core drills with inbuilt dust extractors. Saving valuable time, these extractors feature a hollow shaft design so dust can be whisked away from the hole immediately. With our premium dust drill bits and dust removers, your site will be kept clean and safe, meaning you can focus on getting the job done. Shop our range of MILWAUKEE® diamond drill bits and cores to find the one for your needs. If you have any questions about our range of tough drill bits, contact our team. To see the full range in person, head down to one of our UK stores.