Connected Solutions, Advancing the Job

ONE-KEY™ Connected Solutions, Advancing the Job

Even small setbacks can cause big problems. Solve and avoid them with ONE KEY™, the construction tool tracking app from MILWAUKEE® that helps jobs run smoother, with fewer headaches along the way.

When you’re onsite, power tool security is vital in ensuring you can get the work done on time and to your usual high standard. You also need to know where everything is and that you have all the equipment required to tackle the task at hand. That’s why you need ONE KEY™ - and anti-theft tool tracker and tool inventory system rolled into one.


Thanks to our near 100 years of experience in the industry, at MILWAUKEE® we understand the challenges facing professional tradespeople everywhere. We know that it’s not always easy to keep track of all your essential equipment, especially if you’re working on multiple jobs across the country. That’s where ONE KEY™, our tool-tracking system for UK tradespeople comes in, providing invaluable coverage and peace of mind.


With community Bluetooth® tracking, barcode scanning and geofencing, ONE KEY™ makes staying on top of your equipment simple. Stop tool theft and get complete control and visibility of your inventory across any job, crew, and location. And with real-time alerts, enhance power tool security further, preventing loss, expensive replenishment and downtime.

Leader in Smart Tool Solutions

  1. 01 We work with professional tradesmen to engineer smart small tool tracking software and tech that works alongside the best tools on the market.
  2. 02 In addition to inventory and security, our construction tool tracking app allows you to dial in precision settings, view utilisation data and get alerted before equipment needs repair.


The ONE-KEY™ tool inventory system saves you time and effort manually logging and tracking your tools, letting you focus on the job at hand instead. It creates a central hub from where you can track all your equipment across every job.

The clever tool inventory software enables you to streamline your job setup and clean-up processes with a single digital catalogue that your team can access from anywhere. Security is bolstered too as ONE-KEY™ can act as an anti-theft tool tracker, and it also offers more insight on how your equipment is working for you, so you’ll be alerted to any maintenance issues in real time – saving you money in the long run.

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No more spreadsheets.
No more downtime.
Just productivity and performance.

What is an anti-theft tool tracker or tool inventory system?
An anti-theft tool tracker is a combination of a software app or program and a tracking chip. When attached to a tool or built into the tool itself, as is the case with ONE-KEY™, the location of the chip and tool can be viewed via the app, thanks to the use of Bluetooth or GPS transmitters broadcasting telemetry data from the chip.
This power tool security system allows contractors or managers to view where their tools are. More intricate applications such as ONE-KEY™ also use this data within a combined tool inventory system, which gives greater information on who is using the tool, what site it is being used at, and how the tool is being used.
Part-automated, this approach is quicker than tinkering with a manual list or spreadsheet, and lets managers control the use and performance of the tools too, further increasing productivity while helping stop tool theft.
Who should use small tool tracking software?
Tool inventory software is valuable for any tradesperson, contractor, or large trade business wanting to get the most out of their investment into their tools.
As well as protecting connected tools from being lost or stolen on all sizes of sites, tool inventory systems can be used to boost performance, avoid downtime, and maximise usage. These are all significant benefits for workmen and managers working across every part of the site and level of organisation.
What are the benefits of a tool inventory system?
There are a whole host of benefits for users of small tool tracking software, including:
  • Reduced tool costs – From the expense of purchasing replacement tools that have been lost or stolen to knowing when they require maintenance, tool-tracking saves money.
  • Complete utilisation – By keeping tabs on every single equipment theft-tracking device, you can eliminate the danger of ‘zombie’ or ‘ghost’ tools.
  • Total accountability – Knowing who is using tools and where they are, you can bring transparency to your sites, identifying and solving issues quickly.
  • Less downtime – Power tool security software means less time spent hunting for tools before jobs or when cleaning up, and more time getting the job done.
  • Improved performance – By tracking and controlling tool output, you can make sure they are optimised for the task they’re being used for.
How to make a tool inventory
If you’re wondering how to track your tools or how to make a tool inventory, doing so is straightforward.
  1. Catalogue your tools manually or import via spreadsheet.
  2. Attached equipment theft-tracking devices to tools, if required.
  3. Set up your users, give them roles, and set permissions.
  4. Assign tools to users and work sites.
  5. Track and control tool locations, usage, and performance.
How to stop tool theft
If you want to stop tool theft in your business or organisation, there are clear steps you can take to boost power tool security.
First, track your tools using a platform like ONE-KEY™. With a solid construction tool-tracking software solution like it in place, controlling your tools and who uses them will become much easier, and you’ll likely see rates of theft reduce as a result.
Second, make sure your power tool security processes are up to standard. That means properly storing your tools in a safely locked and inconspicuous place that won’t be a target for thieves. It may also mean introducing processes such as stopping workers or the public from parking on or near the site to make it tougher for tools to be quickly stolen.
Making your tools stand out from the rest can also stop tool theft. With heavy-duty stickers, markings, or engravings featuring the name of your business, its contact number, and the tool number, you make it much more difficult for the equipment to be easily fenced.
Why choose MILWAUKEE® ONE-KEY™ power tool security?
Wondering why to choose ONE-KEY™? A powerful anti-theft tool tracker and tool inventory system, MILWAUKEE® offers a cutting-edge solution with a 360-degree range of helpful tools to revolutionise the value you get from your equipment.
  • Digital inventory – Combining an overarching tool inventory dashboard, detailed information on each tool, the history of that tool’s use, and service reminders, you can manage every equipment asset remotely.
  • Tool tracking – Bluetooth-tracking tool inventory software that shows you the exact location of your tools, geofencing that stops them from being taken outside of a set area, and small asset tracking via easy-to-scan barcodes. A complete tracking solution for your inventory.
  • Crew management – Get the right tools to the right people, with multi-user admin settings, integrated role-setting, a simple virtual address book, and a multitude of features to boost teamwork and strengthen accountability.
  • Location management – Work across multiple locations? Gain a bird’s-eye view with a location dashboard, zoom in on a single site and view important granular detail, audit any location at the tap of a button, and transfer tools to the sites that need them most.
  • Connected tools – Smart tool room inventory software, ONE-KEY™ lets you track and lock individual tools that have been stolen, view utilisation data to understand how they are used, control the output of individual tools to improve their efficiency and extend their lifespans as a result, cutting long-term maintenance costs.
Track your tools and cut your costs with ONE-KEY™
Stop tool theft and increase the efficiency of your work sites with ONE-KEY™. Designed around the needs of large and small tradespeople, contractors, and organisations, with our tool-tracking system for UK businesses, you can bring your equipment management up to 21st-century standard.
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