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¹ Only for AGV 16-180 QXC.

Suitable for WS 2300 (Australia version)

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Flange nut M14

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Product Specifications 115 mm - 230 mm Flange nut M14 Fixtec Nut small  - 1 pc Counter display Backing Flange - 1 pc Backing flange Two Pin Spanner - 1pc Two hole spanner straight Angle Grinder Open End Spanner SW 17 / 24 - 1 pc Open-ended spanner. SW 17/24 Cranked Two Hole Spanner - 1 pc Cranked two hole spanner for steel wire br... 150 mm - 1 pc Dust protection grille against entry of gr... Greater than 150 mm - 2 pc Dust protection grille against entry of gr... lessthan  150 mm - 1 pc Side handle Side Handle for angle grinder 180 / 230 mm Side handle Greater than 180 mm  Antivibration - 1 pc Anti-Vibration side handle > 180 mm  Antivibration - 1 pc Anti-Vibration side handle Hand Protection Guard - 1 pc Hand protection guard Set AU - 1 pc Flange nut set. Only for AGV 16- 180 QXC
Article Number 4932345628493244932449323677124932345710493237146949323293974932326525493240954649314335314932399991493239999249323784784932351632
Contents 12 x FIXTEC nut - M14 threadFlange nut M14 (4932345629), backing flange (4932371404), large flange nut (4932367952)
Fits 115 mm angle grinders
Fits 125 mm angle grinders
Fits 150mm angle grinders
Fits 180mm angle grinders
Fits 230mm angle grinders
Fits wall chasers WCE 30,WCS 45,WCE 65,DME 30,DME 45,DME 65WCE 30,WCS 45,DME 30,DME 45WCE 65,DME 65WCE 30,WCS 45,WCE 65,DME 30,DME 45,DME 65
Pack quantity 11111112111113
Suitable from 50 grinders fits only AGV16-180 QXC
Thickness (mm) 38
Manuals & Spare Parts view view view view view view view view view view view view view
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