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Pliers are among the most used items in any electrician’s toolbox. Whether cutting, straightening, bending or stripping wires, you need a tool with which you can work every day in tight areas - and the MILWAUKEE® range of electrical pliers has a set for every application. From heavy-duty pliers to wire-stripping pliers and cable cutters, each tool boasts fully forged steel blades that have been tested at high voltages, as well as temperatures as low as -40C. Ergonomic soft grips provide ultimate efficiency and comfort, while precision-machined joints transmit maximum power to take the strain out of your hands. Discover the right VDE pliers and cable cutters for your next electrical job below. We stock a range of specialist products, including diagonal cutting pliers with induction-hardened edges to make light work of the hardest materials. With blade sizes from 145mm to 200mm, they're suited to dealing with the many different types of cable that you're likely to encounter on an everyday basis. Our water pump pliers provide optimum leverage for easy and effortless work, while our wire-stripping pliers are spring-loaded for greater control and are guaranteed to protect up to 1000 volts. Three-piece plier sets make a starting point for new apprentices. Included are round-nose pliers to finish wiring to a high standard, combination pliers that include all the high specifications as the entire range and diagonal pliers for cutting tasks.