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Hole PunchingHole Punching
For the installation and preparation of electrical cabinets, precision is of the utmost importance. This is why we've designed a range of hole and knockout punch tools. MILWAUKEE®’s hydraulic hole punch tools are designed and engineered to provide electricians and general contractors with a high degree of confidence and certainty every time. A portable hydraulic hole punch is the easiest way to deliver that punch - resulting in a fast, accurate and round hole for electrical (and other) applications. If you're in the market for a new hole puncher, browse our range below. Part of our range is the trusted M18™ Force Logic™ Hydraulic Knockout Punch. As the most compact and lightweight hydraulic hole puncher on the market, this MILWAUKEE® hole punch tool allows you to easily punch holes in sheet metal without overexertion. Capable of creating holes up to 100mm in diameter, our hole punchers are essential for installers looking for accuracy. Included in our MILWAUKEE® Punch Tool kit, you'll receive your game-changing Knockout Punch, your M18 battery, a charger and a handy kitbox, so you can carry your hole punch to site with ease. Don’t forget to look at the MILWAUKEE® range of hydraulic knockout punch accessories - such as punches and dies - for repeated performance and guaranteed quality every time. If you've got a question about our MILWAUKEE® hole punchers or knockout dies, contact our team of trade experts or visit us in person to see our full range.