Dry diamond cores for electrical sockets with dust extraction - DCHX


10 mm high segments for longer life.

Laser welded segments for extra durability.

Suitable for installation of electrical sockets and junction boxes.

Use with the machine set to rotary only, not suitable for hammer action.

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DCHX 68 mm 1 ¼" UNC - 1 pc

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Product Specifications DCHX 68 mm  1 ¼ DCHX 68 mm 1 ¼" UNC - 1 pc DCHX 82 mm  1 ¼ DCHX 82 mm 1 ¼" UNC - 1 pc
Aerated and breeze concrete blocks Limited suitabilityLimited suitability
Article Number 49323992174932399218
Artificial stone Not suitableNot suitable
Description DCHX 68DCHX 82
Diameter (mm) 6882
Granite Not suitableNot suitable
Lime and sandstone blocks soft and abrasive Limited suitabilityLimited suitability
Lime and sandstone blocks very hard Most suitableMost suitable
Marble Not suitableNot suitable
Pack quantity 11
Total length (mm) 130130
Working length (mm) 6060
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