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M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrench with ONE-KEY™ DELIVERS TORQUE ACCURACY UP TO +/- 2%

Milwaukee® M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrench with ONE-KEY™


The MILWAUKEE® M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrench with ONE-KEY™ is the industry's first torque wrench with a motor, delivering increased productivity, precise torque accuracy, and user demanded reporting functionality.

The M12 FUEL™ 3/8” and 1/2” Digital Torque Wrenches with ONE-KEY™ deliver 50% faster installation times, replacing hand tools or the traditional two-tool installation processes and providing more accuracy to reduce the over-torqueing of fasteners. In addition, these tools enhance the overall torque reporting experience by generating torque data and customisable reports for inspectors and owners through ONE-KEY™.

Precise Torque Accuracy at +/-2% of Full Scale

After running the fastener down via the motor, use the torque wrench to achieve the Target Torque.

LED Light Torque Indicator

Visual indication via white, green or red LED lights of the torque applied to a fastener

LCD Screen

Adjust, set and visually see the numerical value of torque applied to a fastener Jobsite durable and impact resistant glass


Change the settings of the tool, such as Target Torque, Torque Range, Rundown Torque, Units of Measure and Language

Vibratory Torque Indicator

Haptic feedback of the torque applied to a fastener

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