DIAMOND MAX™ M14 DRY drill bits


Diamond grit continuous edge drills have been specifically developed for professionals that need to drill in extremely hard materials such as porcelain/gres/quarry tiles, cast iron or fibreglass where it is increasingly difficult to work with conventional drill bits. These drill bits guarantee excellent performance and superior lifetime even in the hardest of materials.

Dry bits: These diamond drill bits do not require the use of water for cooling purposes.

M14 thread: To fit directly onto an angle grinder.

Clean holes: Drills clean, precise holes without any perimeter scratches.

Lifetime: To ensure long lifetime, we use high grade diamond for fast cutting and a superior brazed bond matrix to give best durability.

Durability: Tough alloy body which does not bend or disort easily.

Easy slug ejection: Slug ejection slots on the larger sizes for greater leverage when removing tight slugs.

Application areas:

Ceramic tiles - all types hard and soft: Porcelain/Gres/Quarry/Terrazzo/Marbel/Artifical stone/Terracota/Agglomerate/Glazed

Cast iron


(Glass reinforced platic)/Perspex

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10 mm - M14

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Product Specifications M14 Diamond Drill 10mm - 1pc 10 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 12mm - 1pc 12 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 14mm - 1pc 14 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 16mm - 1pc 16 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 4pc Set DIAMOND MAX™ diamond drill bit set (4pc) M14 Diamond Drill 5mm - 1pc 5 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 6mm - 1pc 6 mm - M14 M14 Diamond Drill 8mm - 1pc 8 mm - M14 Adaptor M16 x 1F - M14M Adaptor to fit M14 diamond drills to Milwa... Adaptor M9 x M0.75M – M14M Adaptor to fit M14 diamond drills to Milwa...
Article Number 4932471761493247176249324717634932471764493247186349324717584932471759493247176049324722654932472090
Contents ø 6, 8, 10, 14 mm
Diameter (mm) 101214166, 8, 10, 14 568
First Child Model Variant [Variant Object] NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Pack quantity 1111411111
Reception M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14
Shank reception M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14M14
Tool reception M16 x 1.0M9 x 0.75
Total length (mm) 6868686868686868
Working length (mm) 3535353535353535
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