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Every professional tradesperson needs a hand drill in their toolbox, whether you're in carpentry or construction work. MILWAUKEE® specialises in providing professional tools and equipment that combine innovative technology and modern design - and our carpenters hand drills are no different. Ideal for tightening screws or boring holes, the MILWAUKEE® drill range is fully stocked to meet your needs and, most importantly, gets the job done. So, if you're after an advanced electric drill or a manual hand drill for a carpentry project, you're in the right place. The M18 FUEL™ Percussion Drill comes highly rated at MILWAUKEE® and is ideal if you need power for heavy-duty jobs. Thanks to the brushless POWERSTATE™ motor, you can enjoy heavy application and higher power efficiency under load, with an outstanding torque of 135 Nm. This drill is complete with REDLITHIUM™ battery technology so you can expect superior pack construction and an extended fade-free performance that delivers longer run times and pack life. For tasks where precision is a priority, you need flexibility that an electric drill doesn't quite offer. The M18 FUEL™ SUPER HAWG® 2-speed Right Angle Drill Driver Gen II is the ideal solution for intricate woodworking. The compact design of this carpenters hand drill allows for manoeuvring and flexibility in confined spaces and awkward angles. The featured POWERSTATE™ motor provides constant power under load to drill through 152 mm holes, and is paired with the REDLITHIUM™ battery pack to deliver extended run times. The battery system is flexible and compatible with all MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteries to make this a simple but effective piece of kit. Having the right tools is a sign of a true professional and it's important to invest in specialist kit, especially when you're working with heavy-duty materials. The carpentry hand and electric drills in the MILWAUKEE® range are designed using only premium materials and technology, so they're well-suited to working with a variety of wood and metals. It's important to have confidence in your tools, so you'll be glad to know that every hand drill in our selection is built to last, and you'll be able to rely on them time and time again. From driving screws to securing beams, you'll be grateful to have one to hand. Browse our selection of carpentry hand and electric drills below to find the tool that meets your requirements today. If you'd like advice on which drill option to choose, speak to a member of our team or come visit us in-store.