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Having a range of carpenter tools is essential for any job. Select carpentry tools for your professional needs from the high-performing MILWAUKEE® offering. With a range of cordless equipment, hand tools and accessories, it's easy to begin your next job when you choose from our quality selection. Make easy work of levelling tasks and ensure your measurements remain accurate whatever the size of your job. Our M12™ green cross line laser with plumb points features horizontal levelling, vertical alignment and plumb point transfer. It couldn't be more convenient to use with a three-mode system, over 15 hours of run time and a magnetic rotation bracket. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, it's robust enough for most environments. Our choice of distance meters are multi-functional and compact, so taking accurate measurements on the move is easy. Choose from 30m or 50m to suit your specific job requirements. Adding essential carpenter tools such as tape measures, levels and markers to your kit is simple. Our range includes the autolock and slimline tape measures, and REDSTICK™ compact box levels in a variety of lengths. Useful for an array of applications, these carpentry hand tools form the basis of all good kits. Expand your collection of carpentry tools and accessories with our laser line detectors and tripods, with adjustable settings and features allowing attachment to a variety of surfaces. Enjoy long run times and greater accuracy and precision for high-standard, professional results. Our high-visibility laser target plate also provides fast and efficient alignment, with accurate and responsive feedback. Whatever your next job, make it easier with our high-quality carpenter tools. They are all designed and constructed with the most durable materials to withstand typical construction environments and provide long-lasting performance.