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Any professional tradesperson will have a level in their toolbox, whether for carpentry or construction jobs. Though simple in design, level carpentry tools are essential to achieving a polished finished product that meets professional standards. MILWAUKEE® understands what industry-level tradespeople need to achieve the best results, so we've designed an extensive range of high-quality and long-lasting carpenter's levels. A highly rated and reliable product is our Digital Level. Available in both 60 cm and 120 cm lengths, this carpentry level utilises PINPOINT measurement technology to provide nuanced information, including numeric, graphic, colour, and audio for advanced readability. For unparalleled levels of accuracy, the user can lock in any target within 360° for replicating measurements using PIN mode. For those larger scale carpentry projects, the REDSTICK™ BACKBONE™ Box Levels will streamline the process of measuring flat surfaces. Models range in length from 40 cm up to 240 cm and you can select the magnetic feature for added precision. This advanced level carpentry tool is built for accuracy, from the high contrast SHARPSITE™ technology for improved vial readability, to the over-moulded, non-slip grips that stick to surfaces to prevent sliding. Holding power is further amplified via the rare earth magnets. A carpentry spirit level is a piece of kit that's going to be used on every job so it's worth investing in premium quality tools. Carpentry projects depend on surfaces being level and accurate placement so to achieve professional results you need the tools to match. Every level carpentry tool in the MILWAUKEE® range is manufactured using top-of-the-range materials and technology to provide superior performance and results, so you'll be glad to have one to hand on your job site. Browse our selection of level carpentry tools today to get prepared for your next job so you can provide craftmanship you can be proud of. Below, you can find specifications, expert guidance, expert technical sheets, and positive ratings and reviews about the products in the MILWAUKEE® selection. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a member of our team or come visit us in-store.