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Whatever your job, it's crucial to ensure your surfaces and items are correctly labelled to keep environments safe and equipment easily identifiable. Save time and hassle with the selection of MILWAUKEE® carpenter's markers. Take a look at our range and get ready to label your next project. When you're working across multiple applications with a team of contractors, accurate labelling is important. Whether it's on electrical wiring, construction materials or stationery surfaces, you'll need to know that your carpenter's ink marker is legible and durable. With high-quality carpenter's markers for most surfaces, you won't need to worry about smudging, water and debris. Our INKZALL™ chisel tip markers provide a larger writing tip, offering convenient distance reading, while INKZALL™ fine tip pens provide an easy way to mark applications such as electrical wires and design plans. For incredible versatility, INKZALL™ liquid paint markers are available in five colours and offer a water-resistant way of permanently and clearly marking dark, rough and even greasy surfaces. You can use them on concrete, aluminium, PVC, stainless steel and most other surface types. With a quick drying time and markings lasting up to six months, they're a flexible carpenter's ink marker. If you're looking for a carpenter's straight line marker for use with a smartphone or another device, our INKZALL™ marker with stylus features a quick drying time and anti-roll function. It can be used on an array of surfaces without damaging the nib. For extra convenience, attach it to clothing using the handy helmet clip, making it easy to find when you need it. If you need any help or more information, speak to our team or visit us in-store.