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Accurate measuring before beginning any carpentry job is vital if you want to achieve the best results. Therefore, quality carpenter's measuring tools are essential. We stock a selection of long-lasting, high-quality MILWAUKEE® woodwork measuring tools that will assist you in any application. Our cordless laser distance meters are handy for any carpenter needing to measure the distance between two objects. Available in 30m or 50m options, each features a compact, slim design for convenient storage and transportation. And with memory recall, continuous tracking, and a large LCD display, they're ideal for a variety of distance-measuring tasks. Our 50m laser measure also includes distance addition and subtraction for easy layouting. A robust tape measure should be included as part of any carpenter's measuring toolkit. Our autolock tape measure has been designed to automatically lock when the blade is out and comes in two different lengths: 5m and 8m. And there's no need to worry about dirt, dust, or other debris becoming trapped on the blade as it's specially coated with nylon to prevent damage. Carry this carpenter's tape measure conveniently to any site with the heavy-duty belt clip and compact design. If you're looking for an even smaller design, the slimline tape measure is just the fit and provides extra ergonomic comfort. Measure both horizontally and vertically, and with accuracy and stability due to the flat base. Include our woodwork measuring tool essentials in your kit and enjoy accurate and easy measurements on every job.