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Concrete and Masonry DrillingConcrete and Masonry Drilling
Whether you're on site working on concrete walls or making the finishing touches to a flooring project, you'll need the right construction drilling tools for the job. Designed to deliver precision cutting to the toughest materials, our high-powered equipment makes short work of drilling into masonry and concrete.If you need to drill holes quickly and efficiently, you're sure to find that our concrete core drill is the perfect solution. Take a look at this key piece of constriction kit below and find out how it can be applied to the job on which you're working. Precise, consistent construction core drilling requires the highest-quality tools. This is why it's so important that you invest in robust equipment that can take on the task. Our premium Diamond Core Drill has been designed with speed, accuracy and safety in mind.This concrete hammer drill is suitable for drilling into different types of masonry. It features two-speed gearing, allowing you to plan out your coring project to suit your timescales and decide on the setting based on the diameter you need. It can also be used for wet coring, thanks to its integrated water line.Our innovative MX FUEL™ technologies provide the power here, too, delivering cordless performance that allows you to move around the jobsite and take on various construction drilling jobs with ease.When it comes to core drilling, we have the tools that will get the job done. You can core with confidence when you use a drill designed for concrete and masonry - and that's exactly what our equipment delivers.If you're in the market for a new concrete hammer drill, you're sure to find it here at MILWAUKEE®. Should you need help with choosing the right equipment for the job at hand, contact our team or visit us in store to see our range of tools in person.