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Diamond CoreDiamond Core
Diamond core drills make quick work of stone and concrete. They deliver precision drilling into the toughest materials and are a handy addition to any construction worker's toolkit. Our diamond concrete drilling solutions have been created to deliver power and performance in a range of settings. Whether you're tackling some masonry or working on concrete, the right drill will help you to create precise cuts. Our M18 FUEL™ 150mm Diamond Core Drill is designed with core drilling applications in mind.You can reap the benefits of AC power delivered cord-free across both wet and dry surfaces. In fact, it's our MX FUEL™ system that takes things up a gear. Battery-powered, cordless performance makes it possible to move around almost any job site with ease  plus, the on-board battery gauge will let you know how much battery power is left, giving you the chance to focus on using your diamond core drill to take on the stone or concrete that you're drilling.As well as being high-powered and easy to manoeuvre, the two-speed gearing allows complete control at both 1,600rpm and 800rpm, so that you can easily switch to a setting that works for you.We understand that you won't always be drilling into easy, level surfaces. That's why our diamond core drill for concrete and stone features in-built level sensors. These ensure that horizontal drilling remains straight and accurate from start to finish.Whatever the coring job on which you're working, a diamond core drill will help you to complete the task in no time. This piece of equipment offers a smooth, fuss-free finish.Take a look at our diamond concrete drilling tool to find out more about how it fits the application at hand. If you'd like advice on how this fits with your core drilling toolkit, speak to our team or come visit us in store.