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Pour and FinishPour and Finish
Concrete pouring and finishing can be messy, frustrating and time-consuming, but not with MILWAUKEE®. Our innovative range of pour and finish concrete tools revolutionises the jobsite, allowing you to work quicker and smarter without sacrificing quality. With various concrete vibrators available plus flexible fluid pump sprayers and concrete levels, we've got every task covered. Browse the range below. Finding an AC socket and laying cables for concrete pouring can be a hassle. But our mobile backpack and briefcase concrete vibrators put everything you need within arm's reach! You'll have more than enough power for optimal consolidation even in super-stiff concrete, plus instant action with a push-button to start. Increase efficiency and reduce frustration with your mobile concrete finishing machine of choice. For something a little more compact, the M18 FUEL™ needle concrete vibrator still packs a punch with 12,500 VPM of consolidation power. A variable speed trigger offers optimal user control in multiple applications, all delivered through a 25mm² head design for a higher radius of inference. Despite its lightweight design, it's still capable of consolidating up to one concrete truck's worth on one charge. That's serious run time thanks to a HIGH OUTPUT™ battery.For further flexibility, the M18™ SWITCH TANK™ backpack fluid pump sprayer utilises an industry-first interchangeable tank design. Crucially, no manual pumping means less time and user fatigue. Our REDSTICK™ concrete levels, meanwhile, turn a three-tool job into one, allowing you to screed, smooth and level with ease. Its easy-to-clean outer layer and metal core ensure it's built to last even on the messiest of concrete and cement finish jobs. Plus, with an ergonomic shape, it's easy to control and comfortable to handle. Browse our pour and finish concrete tools online and find a MILWAUKEE® stockist today. Feel free to contact us with specific questions or visit a stockist in-store.