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Quality groundwork equipment is essential for starting a construction project on the right footing. Equipping your team for a variety of services, the MILWAUKEE® groundwork tools range includes innovative cordless solutions and heavy-duty corded devices. We've got you covered with a host of efficient and ergonomic groundwork hand tools too. Browse the full collection below and find a MILWAUKEE® stockist. Groundwork activities can take place over vast jobsites, making cordless solutions a game changer. Our cordless groundwork tools boost mobility and productivity without sacrificing power. From demolition hammers to angle grinders, saws and impact drivers, these heavy-duty solutions come jam-packed with innovative technology for impressive performance. That includes the ONE-KEY™ system for remote tool tracking, management and security. Guaranteeing all-important accuracy, you'll find a range of guiderails and laser levels for groundwork too. Some corded tools still earn their place on the modern jobsite, of course. Our breaking hammers deliver serious impact energy for challenging applications. Floating body anti-vibration technology protects the user, meanwhile, keeping exposure below dangerous levels. Finally, when building your collection of groundwork tools and equipment, you can't forget about the basics. Our roster of hand tools for groundwork includes a range of pliers, pens and markers, plus long open tapes and tape measures. Kick your construction project off with maximum efficiency and safety using our professional groundwork tools. Browse our broad range today and find a MILWAUKEE® stockist for convenient delivery. Got a question? Contact us or speak to a stockist in store.