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Layout and MeasuringLayout and Measuring
Layout and measuring tools are designed to save you time and effort in the planning process of a construction project. Ensuring a clean and quality finish is crucial, so having the best tools in your kit will help. Browse our full selection of groundwork laser levels and accessories for complete precision every time.To keep your work straight and level across all projects, our Green 360° 3 Plane Laser could just be the tool for you. Its all-in-one functionality delivers fast and easy alignment when you need it most. Powered by our reliable M12™ B4 battery pack, this laser level for groundwork has a run time of 15+ hours to ensure maximum efficiency and user productivity.Each of our cordless groundwork laser levels is suitable for use across a variety of construction sites, with accuracy levels never being compromised in tough conditions.Our Green Cross Line Laser produces a high-intensity green laser for maximised visibility, which offers up to 4x better visibility than red lasers. The integrated magnetic bracket provides 360° rotation for quick alignment. Its robust construction ensures it is completely reliable and is a go-to product for layout and measuring jobs. We can't forget the traditional hand tools that are essential for any tradesperson's toolkit. From tape measures to marker pens and long open tapes, MILWAUKEE® has everything you need to get off to a precise start.Whether you're working on a large project or simply looking to make your work more polished, you can rely on us to have the best solution for your needs. Contact the team today if you have any questions or visit your local stockist to view our range of products for yourself.