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Lights for ConstructionLights for Construction
Safety on site is imperative. The legal requirement to use the correct lighting when carrying out construction work is so tradespeople can perform their jobs easily and efficiently. Poor construction lights may mean that projects take longer to complete and can increase the likelihood of mistakes being made. At MILWAUKEE®, we're here to provide you with suitable construction light equipment so you can get the job done.Outdoor construction lights are incredibly important, especially in the winter months. Clear visibility when working on-site can help you perform your job correctly and highlight any potential hazards that may cause injury.Our Tower Light delivers a high-definition light output and allows the user to direct the light where needed. This construction light tower is lightweight, making it easy to transport between sites. It's also incredibly quick and easy to set up and features high-impact polycarbonate lenses for additional durability in tough weather conditions.The product is powered by MX FUEL™ for maximum cordless performance. It also features our innovative ONE-KEY™ technology, which offers tool tracking, inventory management and remote locking functionality.Our Pivot Area Light boasts up to 24 hours of run time using our M12™ 4.0Ah battery pack. Using powerful magnets and a rotating head design, this light offers multiple beam options so you can illuminate your workspace and complete the task with precision.If you're in the market for reliable construction lights, you're in the right place. Discover the wide range of MILWAUKEE® light equipment and begin your online order today. You can contact our team for further advice on any of our products or visit your local stockist.