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Whether you're removing a door to fit a new one or as part of a demolition project, having powerful and reliable power tools will make the job significantly easier. Our range of door-cutting tools fit this description down to the letter. Begin browsing now or continue reading to learn more about the different items in this selection.When you're removing doors, stripping out the old fittings is one of the tasks that can slow you down. That's why a powerful reciprocating saw like our M18 FUEL™ SAWZALL™ is the perfect tool for cutting down doors. As this tool's name suggests, it can slice through pretty much anything, allowing quick and clean cutting through hinges and other fixings, as well as the doors, frames and jambs themselves.If you're searching for a tool that facilitates cutting down doors as quickly as possible, look no further than the M18 FUEL™ SUPER SAWZALL™. It adds an orbital action that allows for faster cuts in wood. In fact, it cuts as quickly as many corded reciprocating saws; an impressive characteristic, considering each 12.0 Ah battery charge can deliver 150 cuts.Are you ready to find the tools you need to make door cutting a simple and hassle-free job? You're sure to find the perfect addition to your toolbox right here. What's more, since we craft our products with durability in mind, you can be certain of getting a tool that stands the test of time.Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team, we're more than happy to answer your questions. And if you'd prefer to browse our wares in person, visit your nearest stockist.