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Precision is key when it comes to carpentry projects, especially if you're wanting to achieve industry-level results. It's easy to underestimate a carpenter square but it's an essential piece of kit that any professional needs. MILWAUKEE® has designed a range of superior carpentry squares that makes all manner of layout and framework tasks as straightforward as possible. Our choice of carpenter squares is developed with industry-level tradespeople in mind, so each product is crafted using innovative technology and designs to streamline the work process. So, whether you're marking patterns in roofing or marking cut-off work on wide stock, you'll be glad to have a MILWAUKEE® carpentry square to hand. Available in both imperial and metric models, the MILWAUKEE® Framing Square comes equipped with a reinforced frame for assisted angle finding. For increased visibility, this joiner square features laser-etched markers and a common conversion table for calculation accuracy. There are also incorporated scribe notches for precise markings. Another carpenter square in our collection is the MILWAUKEE® Rafter Square - a layout tool ideal for providing 90° and 45° angles and scribing lines quickly. Coming equipped with high-visibility, laser-etched markings, precision is at the forefront of this carpentry square and it includes a pipe prop to assist in cutting pipe materials. User experience is also maximised with the increased heel width for improved grip. The MILWAUKEE® carpenters square and joinery range is fully stocked with other useful products, including the M12™ Green Cross Line Laser. This comes equipped with plumb points and provides an all-in-one functionality with horizontal levelling, vertical alignment, and plumb point transfer from floor to ceiling for premium levels of precision. Paired with an M12 B3 battery pack, you can expect an all-day run time of 15+ hours. We also supply accessories for your cordless cross-line lasers, such as laser mounts and detectors. These, paired with a carpenters square, mean you're ready for any joinery or layout task. Every carpentry square and joinery product in our selection is designed using only premium materials so you can rely on our tools to get your job done. Not only do they make the task easier, but they are also built to last, so you'll be using them time and time again. Browse our selection of carpenter squares below. If you'd like advice on which option to choose, speak to a member of our team or come visit us in-store.