Floor cleaning tools


Application: For scraping floor tile adhesive, paint, scree and other floor coatings. Requires universal taper shank.

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Floor cleaning tool including 2 mm blade. Requires universal taper shank

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Product Specifications 21 mm K-Hex / SDS-Max Floor Cleaning Tool - 1 pc Floor cleaning tool including 2 mm blade.... 21 mm K-Hex / SDS-Max Floor Cleaning Tool Blade 2 mm - 1 pc Spare 2 mm blade 21 mm K-Hex / SDS-Max Floor Cleaning Tool Bracket - 1 pc Replacement clamping bracket 21 mm K-Hex / SDS-Max Floor Clean Tool Service Kit - 1 pc Service set
Article Number 4932399272493239927349323992754932352300
Blade length (mm) 180180
Blade width (mm) 150150
Contents 2 x gasket, 4 x nuts, 4 x screws, 8 x washers
DAM Product Identifier 21_mm_K-Hex___SDS-Max_Floor_Cleaning_Tool_-_1_pc21_mm_K-Hex___SDS-Max_Floor_Cleaning_Tool_Blade_2_mm_-_1_pc21_mm_K-Hex___SDS-Max_Floor_Cleaning_Tool_Bracket_-_1_pc21_mm_K-Hex___SDS-Max_Floor_Clean_Tool_Service_Kit_-_1_pc
Pack quantity 21118
Quantity 1
Thickness (mm) 22
Width (mm) 150150
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