New Milwaukee® Laser Distance Meters Provide Easiest Measurements


New Milwaukee® Laser Distance Meters Provide Easiest Measurements

Milwaukee Tool introduces three new Laser Distance Meters.

Each new unit is targeted to deliver on the core user needs at its respective value proposition in order to avoid feature-overload, maximise ease of use, ergonomics, accuracy and durability.

Targeting simple point and shoot applications the new 30 m Distance Meter offers continuous measurement and a second, more ergonomic side shot button to facilitate an easy measurement actutation in all situations.

Both the 45 m and 100 m Laser Distance Meters have 50 mm color screens for maximum visibility in low light conditions. Each features a simplified multi-lingual user interface that has been designed from the ground up for fast navigation so users can quickly choose their function and take a measurement with minimal downtime. Exclusive to the 100 m Laser Distance Meter is the digital auto-level feature. This new functionality allows for a measurement to be automatically taken when the meter reaches a level position, increasing accuracy when measuring long distances. The built-in inclinometer enables also indirect height and length measurements facilitated by an easy to follow, self-guided user interface.

For additional ease of use, the 45 m Laser Distance Meter includes a built-in 2-position auto-detecting lever so users can easily measure in corners, while the 100 m solution provides a 3-position auto-detecting lever that allows for measurements from corners and edges.

Each of the 45 m and 100 m Laser Distance Meters offer several different measurement functions that allow users to add and subtract values and calculate linear distance, surface area, total area and volume. In addition, each tool includes memory storage for 30 readings and impact-resistant overmold for protection from tough jobsite conditions.

As the entry level unit, the step-up Meters also feature a side shot button for an easier, more ergonomic experience when measuring in all directions. 

The new Laser Distance Meters are a testament to Milwaukee®’s unrelenting commitment to listening to its users and providing solutions that solve key industry frustrations, while increasing jobsite productivity.


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