Metal lock* for maximum durability and longer lifetime.

Lock with a speed thread* that allows faster blade adjustment.

Auto-lock slide** for faster blade adjustment.

Snap-off cap pocket clip** snaps off blade segments.

Overmolded handle offers a slip resistant grip and is an acetone resistant.

Iron carbide blade for longer lifetime, increased sharpness and clean cut finish.

* 18 mm / 25 mm snap knives

** 9 mm snap knives

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Snap knife 9 mm

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Product Specifications Snap knife 9 mm Snap knife 9 mm Snap knife 18 mm Snap knife 18 mm Snap knife 25 mm Snap knife 25 mm
Article Number 482219604822196148221962
Blade width (mm) 91825
No. blade points 1387
Pack quantity 111
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