Adjustable wrenches



Precision adjustment screw with accurate threads and tight tolerances. The jaws won't back off during use.

Chrome plating for best-in-class rust protection and increased durability.

Ergonomic rounded handle design for a comfortable fit in the hand and less pressure points on the palm.

Slim head design for reaching into tight spaces.

Parallel jaws won't slip or damage finish surfaces.

Permanent lasered inch and mm markings for accurate adjustment.

8″ adjustable wrench (48227508) has an extra wide jaw of 38 mm for increased jaw capacity in confined environments.

Lanyard hole.

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6″ adjustable wrench.

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Range Spec

Product Specifications 150 mm Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 6″ adjustable wrench. 200 mm Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 8″ adjustable wrench. 200 mm Wide Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 8″ adjustable wrench. 250 mm Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 10″ adjustable wrench. 300 mm Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 12″ adjustable wrench. 380 mm Adjustable Wrench - 1 pc 15″ adjustable wrench. Adjustable Wrench Twin Pack Adjustable wrench twin pack.
Article Number 48227406482274084822750848227410482274124822741548227400
Contents 150 mm (48227406) + 250 mm (48227410)
Jaw opening capacity for pipe (mm) 24.5304036.542.546
Jaw thickness (mm) 11.51414161722
Pack quantity 1111112
Tip thickness (mm) 7,78,78,19,910,813,5
Total length (inch) 688101215
Total length (mm) 150200200250300380150 + 200
Weight (g) 1863533855357481,470
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