M18 FUEL™ ONE-KEY™ ¾″ high torque impact wrench with friction ring



The M18 FUEL™ high torque impact wrench with ONE-KEY™ technology delivers 1627 Nm of fastening torque in a compact size of 213 mm, which gives more access in tight spaces

The 4 -Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ allows the user to shift into four different speed and torque settings to maximise application versatility

Mode 4 bolt removal, provides a maximum nut-busting torque of 2034 Nm then shifts to 750 rpm for unmatched control when removing fasteners

The integrated blow counting sensor enhances the consistent repeatability of the chosen torque setting

ONE-KEY™ tool customisation allows the user to optimise their tool for specific applications

ONE-KEY™ tool tracking & security offers a cloud-based inventory management platform that supports both location tracking and theft prevention

¾″ friction ring reception

Flexible battery system: works with all Milwaukee® M18™ batteries

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Range Spec

Product Specifications M18 ONEFHIWF34-502X M18 ONEFHIWF34-502X M18 ONEFHIWF34-0X M18 ONEFHIWF34-0X
Article Number 4933459730, 49334597314933459729
Battery type Li-ionLi-ion
Charger supplied 59 min
Impact rate (ipm) 0-850/0-1850/0-2400/0-24000-850/0-1850/0-2400/0-2400
Max. bolt diameter M33M33
Max. fastening torque (Nm) 16271627
No load speed (rpm) 0-800/0-1300/0-1800/0-18000-800/0-1300/0-1800/0-1800
No. of batteries supplied 20
Nut-busting torque (Nm) 0-702/0-1138/0-1627/0-20340-702/0-1138/0-1627/0-2034
Voltage (V) 1818
Weight with battery pack (kg) 3.5 -
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