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Every carpentry project has to start somewhere and the first fix framing tools at MILWAUKEE® are designed to make getting your job up and running as straightforward as possible. Our first fix range is fully stocked with everything you'll need to get started, including nailers, circular saws, and compact staplers. These versatile tools are meticulously designed to measure, cut, and shape the heavy-duty building materials used in framing carpentry and are built to withstand the extensive work involved when using industrial timbers or metals. One MILWAUKEE® first fix nail gun that makes short work of any framing task is the M18 FUEL™ 34° Framing Nailer 2-Mode. Complete with brushless POWERSTATE™ motor technology, you can expect this first fix nailer to deliver unparalleled outstanding power, run time, and durability to consistently seat nails to the surface of hardwoods. There is also quick and easy depth adjustment to ensure nails are embedded sub-flush, and with no need for gas cartridges or cleaning, this is the perfect first fix nail gun for demanding users with little maintenance required. Looking for extra strength and holding power than a first fix framing nailer offers? Then the MILWAUKEE® M12™ Sub Compact Stapler may be better suited. The compact length, height, and width of this first fix tool offer users easier access to tight spaces, and it has the capacity to fire 2,000 standard T11, T50 and T140 10.6mm staples with one 2.0 Ah battery pack. Also featured is the sequential fire operation that eliminates user fatigue to deliver superior performances that you won't get with a hand tool. Another first fix framing essential is the M18 FUEL™ Rear Handle Circular Saw, ideal for cross-cutting and bevel cuts. A framer's workhorse, this circular saw comes equipped with the HIGH OUTPUT™ system to elevate the M18 FUEL™ technology to new levels of performance and extended run times. The rear handle placement allows excellent cut line visibility, and it features a vacuum adaptor that fits directly to MILWAUKEE® dust extractors to optimise the clean-up of workspaces after use. Whether you're in the market for a first fix nail gun to secure a floor joist or a finishing nailer to fasten panelling, you can rely on MILWAUKEE® to provide durable tools that are built to last. Browse our selection below to find the first fix framing tools that will get your job done. If you'd like advice on which option to choose, speak to a member of our team or come visit us in-store.