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Surface FinishingSurface Finishing
Having the correct metal-finishing supplies in your toolkit is essential to producing clean and smooth surfaces. The range of MILWAUKEE® metal-finishing equipment delivers outstanding results every time, offering a precise and sharp end product. Browse our reliable tools below and begin your order with us today.Whether you're trying to smooth out smaller areas or tackling a larger surface, our metal-finishing tools have got you covered.Our 125mm Braking Grinder delivers the perfect balance between strength and agility, offering maximum performance while ensuring a polished finish. This tool plays a fundamental role in reshaping surfaces to increase functionality, with the HIGH OUTPUT™ technology providing increased power to grind your materials.The anti-vibration side handles means you can remain steady while smoothing out a surface. Plus, our RAPIDSTOP™ functionality delivers our fastest disc brake yet, proving that user protection is at the forefront of our designs.Choose between models with metal cutting discs measuring 125mm or 230mm, enabling you to match your equipment to the task at hand.Shop with MILWAUKEE® today and choose us as your next metal-finishing equipment manufacturer. We can help you pick the right tool for the job - simply contact the team today or visit your local stockist to see the range in person.